Jeff Mwathi’s Mother lovingly washes his grave, sings to him during her visit

Anita Mwas, mother of the late Jeff Mwathi, continues to express her love for her son even in his absence, recently seen tenderly caring for his grave.

The tragic incident occurred on February 2, 2023, when Mwathi fell from DJ Fatxo’s apartment, shocking the Kenyan community. Despite DJ Fatxo’s subsequent exoneration from any wrongdoing, he admitted the incident deeply affected him as well.

Anita Mwas, however, never found closure in the investigations’ outcomes. She recently shared a TikTok video revealing Jeff’s beautifully adorned marble grave, adorned with a headstone resembling a bible with an engraved verse, his photograph, and a cross. The inscription on the headstone reads, “Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, not even death,” on one side, and “I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith, I have finished the race,” on the other. In the heartfelt video, Anita, radiant as ever, is seen meticulously washing the grave alongside another woman before tenderly singing to her departed son while lying beside his resting place. Unlike previous occasions where grief overshadowed her demeanor, Anita wore a smile this time, touching the hearts of many viewers.

Anita’s act of love resonated deeply with her audience, who flooded the comments section with messages of support and empathy. Some shared their own struggles with grief, while others expressed dissatisfaction with the handling of Mwathi’s case.

Despite the closure of the investigation into Jeff Mwathi’s death, questions linger among Kenyans. DJ Fatxo, who declined to view Mwathi’s remains, citing a fear of dead bodies, was not implicated by detectives. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations concluded that there was insufficient forensic evidence to suggest foul play in Mwathi’s demise.

The inconclusive findings have left many dissatisfied, with some continuing to advocate for justice for Jeff. Despite the uncertainties surrounding his passing, one thing remains certain—Anita Mwas’ unwavering love for her son transcends even death.