Kameme FM Gatonye Wa Mbugua Under Fire Over Biased Political Comments

Gatonye wa mbugua who works in a Kikuyu FM radio station have come under heavy criticism from a section of Kenyans on social media entertainmennt over what they named as incestant and distasteful ethnic comments and blatant partisanship,which could inflame ethnic tensions as the country moves closer to the 2022 general election.

It started with a short post on Facebook by one Nikittah Maria Nyambura where she appeared to scrutinize the mental soundness of one of the top presenters at Kameme FM.

In any case, the simple question appears to have invited unintented critical reactions extensively focusing on specific journalists from the two Kikuyu FM Radio stations;Inooro FM and Kameme FM.

A portion of the Kenyans who commented on the thread communicated doubts but also went ahead to accuse other journalists from another media house, Inooro FM, of spreading ethnic propaganda.

Others couldn’t conceal their shock at the radio broadcasts and specific media characters .

From the outpouring of the reactions, it was clear that many Kenyans are disappointed with the vernacular FM radio stations for dwelling on biased politics instead of constructive journalistic content.

This implies that the FM stations need to pay attention to their objective market and make changes or they keep losing their audience, commentators admitted to have stopped listening to the radio stations long time ago.