Kenyan Govt orders all Ministries to stop buying T-shirts, umbrellas, cups and other promotional material

The Kenyan government has recently issued a directive mandating all Ministries, State Departments, and State Corporations to refrain from purchasing branded promotional materials such as cups, T-shirts, umbrellas, and other items. This initiative, disclosed in a circular released on March 27, 2024, by the head of Public Service, Felix Koskei, is primarily aimed at curbing government spending.

Koskei underscored the necessity for cabinet secretaries to streamline operations and reduce the utilization of public funds in accordance with the guidelines outlined by the National Treasury. Specifically, he instructed the suspension and immediate cessation of procurement for promotional merchandise including calendars, diaries, power banks, key holders, bags, flasks, cups, branded traditional blankets (shukas), and notebooks.

This directive aligns with the broader austerity measures implemented by the government to trim unnecessary expenditures. Koskei emphasized the urgency of compliance, warning of consequences for any leader found in defiance of the order.

These measures coincide with President William Ruto’s recent directives aimed at fostering fiscal responsibility within his administration. President Ruto, on March 26, instructed all entities under his Kenya Kwanza government, including State corporations, to operate within their financial means. Additionally, he urged Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of public institutions to reduce recurrent budgets by 30 percent.

Furthermore, commercial State corporations were directed to remit 80 percent of their post-tax profits to the National Treasury, with further instructions pending regarding the allocation of the remaining 20 percent.

These coordinated efforts reflect a commitment to prudent financial management and fiscal discipline within the Kenyan government, signaling a proactive approach towards responsible resource utilization.