Nurse Judy: In US I earn 10 times more than what nurses earn in Kenya -

Nurse Judy: In US I earn 10 times more than what nurses earn in Kenya

Over the past few years, a significant number of Kenyans have migrated to Western nations, particularly America, in pursuit of better job opportunities and higher pay. One such individual is nurse Judy, who shared her journey on Instagram.

According to Judy, while the US can be a lonely and distant place away from home, culture, and familiar food, it is also a land of opportunities. In her post, she revealed that she was earning Sh. 380,000 biweekly as a caregiver in a foreign country, a job that only entailed providing companion care.

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Although she admits that living in a foreign country can be challenging and she misses her home and culture, the pay makes it worth it. Through her Instagram reel, nurse Judy shares her experiences and the process of settling abroad for her fans who may be considering similar moves.

In her words, “Let no one discourage you about coming to America! It’s not a walk in the park, you got to put in work, It can be a lonely country, home is still the best in terms of so many things including our food and culture, but in terms of opportunities and money! Now you can’t imagine what’s my rate as RN reveal, village witches wataniroga, America it is.”