Shock as married man caught having Twa Twa with worshipper in church altar

Following a scandalous incident at a church in the Kayunga District of Uganda, a group of worshipers have vowed to never enter the premises again. The incident involved a 23-year-old married Catholic man and his recently divorced Muslim lover, who were allegedly caught engaging in a sexual act at the altar. The man’s wife discovered them and promptly alerted the neighborhood.

According to reports, the couple gained access to the church through the windows since the doors were locked. In response to the shocking incident, angry residents escorted the culprits to the office of local official Kanda. However, after filing a promiscuity case against them, Kanda eventually released them. The man has since gone into hiding, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Kanda made it clear that the case would not be forgotten, stating, “A case does not rot. He will answer for his sin anytime he comes back.” Meanwhile, the faithful followers of the Bugonya Church of Uganda are demanding that church leaders arrange a cleansing ceremony to sanctify the desecrated premises.

The church leaders, in turn, have called upon their congregation to observe an unknown number of fasting days in the wake of this scandalous event, which they have labeled both shocking and sinful.