“Mimi ni mzee sina nguvu ya kupeana mimba,hiyo mimba sio yangu” Manzi Wa Kibera’s 67 years denies getting her pregnant

In a perplexing turn of events, Manzi Wa Kibera’s 67-year-old boyfriend has vehemently denied any responsibility for her alleged pregnancy. He expresses his feeling of being played and demands that she reveal the identity of the actual father of the unborn child. He cites his advanced age as a hindrance to fathering a child and highlights the rocky nature of their relationship, marked by unanswered calls and long periods without seeing each other.

Additionally, the boyfriend mentions having seen Manzi Wa Kibera with another man, raising suspicions about the paternity of the pregnancy. Despite his disappointment, he surprisingly indicates a willingness to forgive her, emphasizing the public scrutiny of their relationship due to the significant age gap.

The situation takes an intriguing turn as Manzi Wa Kibera’s boyfriend contends that the pregnancy is not his responsibility. He recalls seeing her with another man at some point, despite the couple not being aware of his presence. He expresses deep disappointment and hints at the possibility of falling into depression due to the unfolding situation. However, he surprisingly maintains a stance of forgiveness towards Manzi Wa Kibera, even though he believes the pregnancy is not his own.

“Nilimuona na kijana mwingine somewhere lakini yeye hakuniona mi nikalenga…namshuku sana pengine anaweza kuwa ni yeye ama si yeye” he continued.

Their relationship, characterized by a substantial age difference, has attracted considerable criticism from the public, further adding to the complexities of this intriguing story.