25 Things you need to know about Murder Suspect DJ Fatxo -

25 Things you need to know about Murder Suspect DJ Fatxo

Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, professionally known as DJ Fatxo, is a renowned DJ, hypeman, and the creator of Dope Unit Entertainment. Recently, he has been the subject of online conversations due to an unfortunate incident involving a young man named Geoffrey Mwathi, who died at his residence.

The police have initiated investigations into the matter since Mwathi’s demise occurred under suspicious circumstances after he allegedly fell from the 10th floor of Redwood Apartments. Reports indicate that Mwathi was contracted by DJ Fatxo to improve the aesthetics of two areas, an office, and a shop.

So here are a few facts about DJ Fatxo

1. He is a performing artist

2. Professional Deejay

3. Busniessman: He is an entrepreneur who does merchandise branding, document editing, etc

4. He started as a club DJ

5. He runs a DJ school and teaches dancing.

6. He is from Nyandarua county

7. His real name is Lawrence Njuguna wa Wagura

8. He grew up in Kingangop.

9. He undertook Dj training in the System Unit in 2015.

10. He worked as a Dj for four years before he launched a singing career.

11. He recorded his first song in 2020

12. He attended many Primary schools among them: Bridges view, Kingapo pride, Morning Starlight Academy, and others he does not name.

13. He terms himself the hypeset DJ

14. He was a resident DJ in clubs between 2017 and 2019.in clubs

15. He recorded two Mugithi songs to launch his career.

16. His musical mentor was a man called Wamucuthi who inspired him to sing live music.

17. His most popular song is Ndi Mangaa released two years ago. It has 4.4 million views.

18. He has dedicated a song to his mother ikinya gwa ikinya

19. He is a secular Kikuyu musician

20. He sings songs glorifying alcohol and defends it saying “everyone has their style”

21. DJ Fatxo is an only child

22. His mum is his rock because he grew up getting all the attention as an only child,

24. His father is called Wagura and his mum is named Njoki.