Drama In Murang’a As Man Is Busted In The Act With A Chicken!

There was drama in Muungu-ini village, Maragua sub-country as a middle aged man was busted in the act with a chicken yesterday, February 8.

The man identified as Martin Kamau, 30, is said to have been caught in the middle of the act by his employer just before daybreak.

“I caught him busy in the act but I did not stop him because he had this red eyes that looked so dangerous,” the employer said.

He went on to explain that he had employed Martin three months ago and he had not seen him with any lady in the village.

“I have never seen him with any lady here. I can say that he is not a violent type and he only stays by by himself,” the employer added.

Area residents who wanted to lynch the man were cooled down by Nyumba Kumi elders who begged for his mercy.

The employer said that he will fire Martin seeing that he doesn’t want the stigma associated with the beastialy act.