‘Don’t elect thieves who will ruin my legacy’ – President Uhuru Caution Kenyans.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has cautioned Kenyans against electing a thief who wil ruin his legacy come 2022.

He said that Kenyans need peace and should elect a leader who has the best interests at heart for the country.

“I urge you, don’t be incited. Choose leaders who will ensure this country remains peaceful and united and those who will carry on with the work we already started and not take us back to where we came from,” said President Kenyatta in his native Kikuyu language.

He added: “Please don’t allow Mwai Kibaki’s 10 years and my 10 years to be destroyed by electing thugs and thieves.”

“Time to play politics will come. But for now, what is more important is for the country to remain peaceful. Let us never see violence in this country because of politics. What we want is to continue with development agenda so that we can establish industries for our youth to get employment,” he said.

“I will be together with you. I know just like myself, you too don’t want violence. I know once I retire this is where I’m coming back home. I would want to visit this area, interact with you, and since I will not be busy, I can join you, buy chicken or even have a soda as we talk…,” he added as the crowd burst in applause.

“We cannot have violence after every five years. I want peaceful people, people who will be united. I don’t want people who only focus on insults. Peace is the foundation everything.Don’t accept to be told this person is like this or that. This country is for us all. That is why I reached out to my competitors and we sat together,” said Kenyatta