Man caught with 20 stolen underwear, says he wanted to reward his girlfriend.

A 19-year-old man has been apprehended on suspicion of stealing women’s undergarments in Tegeyat village, Mosop sub-county, Nandi County, following a series of mysterious disappearances of these items in the region. On Monday, a search of the man’s home uncovered a stash of 20 women’s undergarments and other clothing items packed in bags. The village elder, Kiptanui Ronoh, confirmed the discovery and condemned the suspect’s actions.

During questioning, the suspect, Joel Kimurgor, revealed that he had stolen the underwear from a different residence in the village to please his girlfriend, who had asked him to buy her new underwear as a way of showing affection. However, Sarah Kibet, a resident of Tegeyat village, expressed her disgust at the situation, stating that stealing underwear is considered taboo in the Kalenjin community and is commonly associated with healers and witch doctors.

For several weeks, reports of missing underwear from the hanging lines at night have plagued women in the village, prompting them to conduct a search exercise from one house to another in an attempt to locate their missing garments. The apprehension of the suspect brings some relief to the community, as they can now rest assured that the culprit has been caught.