“Enda uza uji kazini kwake,” woman advises ladies how to deal with Stingy men at home -

“Enda uza uji kazini kwake,” woman advises ladies how to deal with Stingy men at home

Kenyan social media influencer Rose Mamake Waitherero recently shared a strategy with women on how to address the issue of men contributing insufficiently to household expenses. According to her, there’s a simple way to encourage these men to contribute more.

Waitherero suggested that women facing this situation should consider making and selling porridge at their husband’s workplace.

“Allow me to share a little secret, ladies. If your partner isn’t providing enough financial support, here’s what you can do. In the morning, prepare a nutritious porridge and store it in a container. Take it to your partner’s workplace. Even if he holds a managerial position, don’t hesitate. Begin by offering it to his colleagues.”

Waitherero further advised that it’s essential not to rush the process. She emphasized the importance of making sure your husband notices your efforts.

“Take your time while selling… Ensure that your partner has taken note. If you observe any hesitation, inform him that he can expect cups of porridge in the evening. Later, if he questions your actions, explain that the money he provides falls short. You’ll see that he won’t skimp on funds anymore.”

In response to her post, her followers had varying viewpoints. While some praised her for the clever suggestion, others were concerned that it might lead to complications. One follower shared a personal experience of how a similar tactic had unexpected consequences.

“I once tried this approach, and when I got home in the evening, he asked who gave me such a clever idea. He even bought a big thermos for me to take more the next day,” she recounted.