“Nafeel vibaya sana!” – TikTok deletes Thee Pluto’s account with over almost 1 million followers

Prominent Content Creator, Pluto, has delivered some disheartening news to his loyal followers. Known for his captivating content across various social media platforms, he recently disclosed the unfortunate banishment of his TikTok account, which had amassed an impressive following of 977,000.

Pluto openly expressed his dismay in a YouTube video shared last Wednesday but reassured his audience that he was handling the situation with resilience. He acknowledged that he typically refrained from burdening his supporters with unfavorable news but felt compelled to break this pattern due to the circumstances at hand.

In his video statement, he stated, “It’s not my usual style to share somber news with my fans, but today, I must share this with you all. I feel down, but I won’t let it break me. My TikTok account, boasting 977K followers, has been banned.”

Pluto shed light on the reason behind this abrupt ban, revealing that it resulted from an apparently innocuous action of which he was unaware and which contravened TikTok’s policies. He disclosed that in one of his TikTok videos, he casually shared his phone number in response to requests from a few friends. Regrettably, he had no knowledge that this act violated TikTok’s guidelines.

“I had no inkling until the ban occurred that the mistake was mine. So, there was this TikTok where I shared my number in response to a few friends who had asked for it. I thought it was okay to WhatsApp me, and I placed my number there. I didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to do that,” he admitted.

Pluto expressed his frustration and disappointment, acknowledging the emotional toll of losing an account with such a massive following. He revealed that he had been nurturing this account since 2018 and was on the cusp of reaching one million followers.

Feeling like he had been suddenly thrust into a scorching furnace, Pluto urged his followers to exercise caution and avoid falling into similar pitfalls. He recounted, “I had opened this account way back in 2018, and I was almost at a million followers. I had to leave my office to de-stress. It feels like I’m burning up, man.”

He shared this harrowing experience to educate others about the importance of adhering to platform rules, cautioning against thoughtlessly sharing personal information and reminding everyone to remain vigilant against potential scams.