'Mansaimo na Katta' Interesting Facts About them
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‘Mansaimo na Katta’ Interesting Facts About them

Mansaimo na Katta are famous co-hosts who currently work at Kameme Fm as presenters on a program dubbed’Humuka’ broadcasted on weekdays from 4pm – 8pm. Before they went to kameme station, they co-worked in Coro fm and Inooro fm. Here are some facts about them you dint know.

  • They are true friends inseparable in deed and have moved together from Coro fm and inooro fm to their present station
  • They were both employed the same period at Coro fm and were put in a similar program, and have grown together since then.
'Mansaimo na Katta' Interesting Facts About them
  • They command a very high number of funs. They started when they were inexperienced and not known by anyone but over time, has built alot of audience who moves with them all the way.
  • They are both married with kids. Katta is married to the famous vernacular station coro fm queen Nyoxx wa Katta, presenter at Inooro fm breakfast show. Mansaimo is a family man as well and has two kids lovely wife to.

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