Details Emerge on Brutal Murder of Heavily Pregnant Mount Kenya University Student, Faith Musembi

The Musembi family from Machakos finds itself submerged in a sea of sorrow and torment following the brutal slaying of their 19-year-old daughter, Faith Musembi. Faith, a student at Mount Kenya University in Thika, met her tragic end in a manner that defies comprehension.

The dreadful saga commenced on a fateful Wednesday evening when Faith’s father, Boniface Musembi, stumbled upon a nightmarish revelation within her rented abode at Pilot Estate, nestled in Hospital Ward, Thika.

The chain of events leading to Faith’s untimely demise paints a haunting portrait of terror and vulnerability.

The Musembi household was thrust into disarray upon receiving a distressing phone call demanding a ransom of Ksh.20,000 for Faith’s release, allegedly originating from her own device. Gripped by fear for their daughter’s safety, they promptly acquiesced to the demand, while Boniface Musembi raced to Thika to address the unfolding crisis.

However, their gravest apprehensions materialized when the response from Thika Police Station fell short of their expectations. Purportedly, law enforcement officials dismissed the ransom call as a dubious ploy orchestrated by Faith, her associates, or her romantic partner.

Disheartened by the lack of urgency and compassion exhibited by the authorities, Boniface Musembi sought assistance from Mount Kenya University in locating his missing daughter.

The morning following the ransom demand, Boniface Musembi arrived at Faith’s abode only to find the door secured with a padlock. His frantic attempts to elicit a response from within went unanswered until he resorted to the desperate measure of breaking into the premises. Inside, he was confronted with a sight of unspeakable horror: Faith’s lifeless form lay motionless upon her bed.