Interesting video of drunkards praying for Chang’aa and keg in a dingy bar lights up the internet – Never a dull day in Kenya (WATCH).
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Video of drunkards praying in a dingy bar excites Netizens (WATCH).

In case you are having a terrible day in office or any place you are, this moving video of drunkards appealing to God for liquor in a shabby bar might put a smile on your face.

In the clip, a man is seen kneeling to pray for chang’aa, konyagi and keg that they were going to enjoy as his fellow drunkards went along with him in prayers with their eyes closed.

The man appealed to God to protect them from the side effects that might be brought by the chang’aa.

He went ahead and remembered one of the drunkards who lost his eyes after indulging in chang’aa and prayed to God that the same won’t happen to them after consuming the illicit liquor.

Watch the interesting video clip.