Kakamega Man Gives wife permission to have ‘Twa Twa Twa’ outside marriage, says Hana Nguvu

A resident named Gershon, hailing from Kakamega County, has shared the unique story of how he consented to his wife seeking sexual satisfaction from someone else.

Gershon and his wife recently appeared on the Golden Marriage Show, where they openly discussed his unconventional decision. He explained that he encouraged his wife to address her sexual needs outside of Kakamega, under the condition that their children’s welfare remained a top priority.

During their candid conversation, Gershon emphasized the significance of individual choice and informed decision-making. He spoke about the importance of acknowledging the multitude of choices available in life and the necessity of making decisions while being guided by values.

Gershon admitted to recognizing the constraints imposed by age and physical limitations. He expressed a genuine desire for his wife to find fulfillment without the weight of guilt or secrecy. Addressing her youthfulness, he urged her to choose someone or people who could provide companionship and satisfaction, alleviating the potential discomfort caused by unmet needs.

Speaking directly to his wife, Gershon conveyed, “I told my wife, ‘But just do me one favor, don’t do it here in Kakamega, not because of me, but because we have kids here.'” This stipulation underscored Gershon’s concern for the impact such decisions could have on their children.

In essence, Gershon’s actions showcase a deep commitment to his wife’s happiness and overall well-being, highlighting the strength of their enduring bond even in the face of societal norms and challenges.