Awinja: I own over 30 ‘Kamisis’ for my acting roles

Former “Papa Shirandula” star Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, has unveiled an intriguing facet of her life by disclosing her ownership of an impressive collection of over 30 “Kamisis,” each tailored for her various roles.

Beyond her well-known television character, which radiates a rustic and old-fashioned charm, Awinja is a versatile entertainer with a significant impact in the industry, particularly as an online comic.

While she gained initial fame through her portrayal of a housekeeper in the beloved Citizen TV comedy series “Papa Shirandula,” her talents extend beyond television. Awinja has left her mark in major film roles, contributing to notable Kenyan films like “Nairobi Half-Life” and “Click Click Bang.”

Her success in the comedy genre persists as she collaborates with some of the most successful Kenyan comedy movies and drama series.

Regarding her unique collection of “Kamisis,” Awinja shared the inspiration behind incorporating these traditional petticoats into her wardrobe:

“I began including ‘Kamisis’ to embody that primitive girl from the village. ‘Kamisis’ carried a certain vibe back then, and I started building that character. I own around 30 of them, featuring various colors and designs, including both full and half ones. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose where I purchase them.”

Asked about her fashion choices, Awinja explained, “The contrast determines the color I wear. If I’m in a green dress, the petticoat must be of a different color.”

Despite her on-screen transformations, Awinja’s true character has won the heart of her most significant fan—her son. She shared that her son not only appreciates her acting persona but also watches her videos online.

“My son sometimes calls me Awinja and watches my videos on YouTube,” she revealed during the interview.

Reflecting on the painful loss of their father, the iconic Charles Bukeko, alias Papa Shirandula, Awinja described the challenges of coping with his passing and how it brought the family closer.

“Losing our dad was incredibly tough. He had united us, and we used to spend a lot of time together. His death during the Covid-19 pandemic made it even more challenging for us to mourn properly. Everything happened so fast, and we didn’t have the chance to come to terms with it.”