Daddy Owen Breaks the Internet with Exclusive Snaps from His Lavish Introduction Ceremony with Charlene Ruto

Prominent gospel artist Daddy Owen recently hosted a significant event—the “introduction ceremony” between Charlene Chelagat Ruto, the daughter of President William Ruto, and Owen’s mother, Margaret Mwatia.

This heartwarming occasion took place on December 23, 2023, in the charming Eshifiru village in Kakamega county.

Daddy Owen, renowned for his impactful gospel music, offered a glimpse into the celebration on his Facebook page. The shared photos depicted the union of two families in a culturally rich celebration marked by joy and meaning.

Dressed in a stylish brown and black designer shirt with a matching black hat, Daddy Owen exuded pride and joy throughout the ceremony.

While the affair maintained a relatively low-key profile, it held significant cultural relevance. Attended primarily by Owen’s family, including siblings such as elder sister Loise Mwatia and younger brothers, the event blended tradition, symbolism, and familial warmth.

Charlene, accompanied by close friends, found herself encircled by Isikuti dancers, providing a rhythmic backdrop to the occasion, along with a substantial security contingent.

One particularly touching moment captured in the photos depicted Charlene sharing groundnuts with a member of Owen’s family. In Luhya tradition, this act symbolizes a deeper connection and engagement, contributing cultural depth to the ceremony. The exchange of gifts between Owen’s mother and Charlene further underscored the familial bond, resembling a daughter visiting her mother.

Amidst the cultural rituals, Daddy Owen took a symbolic step by tying a leso around Charlene’s waist, emphasizing the significance of the occasion. The ceremony unfolded gracefully and sincerely, leaving a lasting impression on both families involved.

Earlier speculations about a potential romantic connection between Daddy Owen and Charlene had surfaced when photos of them playing basketball together were shared in November.

In response to these rumors, Daddy Owen addressed the speculations during an interview with Milele FM, clarifying that their relationship was purely friendly and work-related.