Meet Benedict The Watchman Who Graduated With First Class Honors

Benedict Ocaka, a tenacious individual hailing from Uganda, personifies the essence of Eliud Kipchoge’s mantra, ‘No Human is Limited.’ His recent milestone of attaining a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Community Development from Bishop Stuart University serves as a testament to his unwavering determination and persistence.

In the face of numerous challenges, Benedict not only graduated but excelled with first-class honors, securing an impressive GPA of 4.42. This accomplishment distinguishes him as the second student in the university’s history to achieve such excellence in the Agriculture and Community Development department.

Benedict’s journey has been anything but smooth. Born into a family of eight in Uganda, where financial constraints posed a significant hurdle to education, he defied the odds. His parents faced financial struggles, with his father working as a cleaner and his mother involved in the sale of local liquor. Nevertheless, Benedict’s ambition propelled him to pursue his A levels despite the dire circumstances his family faced.

To support his education, Benedict, alongside his elder brother Geoffrey Komakech, initiated a bricklaying venture in their village, successfully laying 12,000 bricks and earning Ush3,000. This income was utilized to contribute to his school fees. During breaks, he engaged in various side hustles, including selling roasted meat and charcoal, showcasing his resourcefulness.

As the demands of high school intensified, Benedict encountered financial hardships, yet his determination led the compassionate headmaster to allow him to study until the third term without clearing fees. Despite challenges such as borrowing school materials from friends and temporary exam bans due to fee arrears, he persevered and completed his high school education.

After completing A levels, Benedict faced the financial burden of university education. Undeterred, he joined the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), but a liver problem prevented his assimilation into the force. Subsequently, he secured employment at Securex Security Company in Kampala, diligently saving from his modest salary of Sh4700. His dedication allowed him to save KSh41,000, enabling him to apply for a regular degree course in Agriculture and Community Development at Bishop Stuart University.

Overcoming financial constraints, Benedict secured a student loan, relinquished his job, and committed himself to full-time academics. The result was nothing short of remarkable – a First Class Honors degree. However, for Benedict, this achievement marks just the beginning. His aspirations extend to pursuing a Master’s degree, driven by the ambition to become one of Uganda’s foremost scientists, academicians, and researchers. Benedict Ocaka’s narrative epitomizes the triumph of determination, resilience, and the conviction that, indeed, no human is limited.