Kelvin Kinuthia Scoops Prestigious Award, Proves her Outstanding Marketing Skills

Crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia is basking in the glow of success for his adept marketing skills, as Bed Palace Kenya clinched the title of the best quality furniture in Kenya at the Consumer Choice Awards Kenya 2024.

Assigned as the brand ambassador for Bed Palace Kenya, Kinuthia displayed remarkable creativity in his role. Leveraging his social media platforms, he effectively advertised the furniture company, ultimately contributing to their triumphant win. Kinuthia enthusiastically shared the news of their victory across various social media channels, extending heartfelt congratulations to Bed Palace Kenya for their remarkable achievement, surpassing competing brands to secure the top spot.

During the event, Kinuthia made a striking appearance in a stylish orange dress, exuding confidence and grace. His ecstatic post on social media reflected his overwhelming emotions, expressing gratitude to the supporters who contributed to their success. As he took to the stage to accept the award, Kinuthia captivated the audience with his energetic dance moves, embodying the spirit of celebration for this significant milestone in his role as a brand ambassador.

In addition to celebrating the success of Bed Palace Kenya, Kinuthia took a moment to acknowledge and thank the individuals who voted for the brand. Renowned as an influencer, TikToker, and digital creator, Kinuthia is widely recognized for his distinctive style of crossdressing, often seen donning fashionable female attire that accentuates his elegant persona.