” I Have Slept With All My Cousins, and I’m Dating One of Them” A Kenyan Lady Confesses.

A Kenyan woman recently made a candid revelation on the popular YouTube show “My Deepest Secret,” hosted by the renowned YouTuber Recho. The confession was quite unconventional and raised eyebrows, as she openly admitted to engaging in romantic relationships with all of her cousins.

During the live interview, the lady disclosed that after completing her high school education, she secured admission to the University of Nairobi. Upon receiving an invitation from one of her cousins, she visited their home, and while watching suggestive content together, their relationship took an unexpected turn.

In another instance with her second cousin, the setting was a ruracio ceremony. In the midst of festivities and alcohol, they found themselves in her aunt’s bedroom, sharing an intimate moment that left a lasting impression.

The subsequent encounters with the remaining three cousins took place in a club setting. After a night of revelry and excessive drinking, they all ended up in the same lodging, where she connected intimately with each of them. Despite the unconventional nature of these encounters, she expressed that it was an incredible experience.

The sixth cousin, with whom she is currently in a relationship, was another chapter in her romantic journey. Their connection deepened, and they shared special moments, including an intimate encounter inside his car. The lady boldly stated that she harbors no regrets about her actions, emphasizing that she genuinely enjoyed the experiences and continues to do so. According to her, the attractiveness of all her cousins played a significant role in her decision to explore these relationships.