Manzi wa Kibera Announces Breakup With Her 66-Year-Old Boyfriend

Kenyan socialite, video vixen, and Instagram model, Manzi wa Kibera, recently made an announcement about her breakup with her 66-year-old boyfriend. She shared that the decision to end their relationship was prompted by the overwhelming backlash and insults she has been receiving on social media ever since they went public with their romance.

In her social media post, Manzi wa Kibera expressed that the insults had become unbearable, especially considering that some of them were coming from her close friends. The significant age difference between them had always been a topic of discussion, and after much contemplation, she concluded that the best solution was to bring an end to their relationship.

Their engagement last month at China Square caused quite a commotion. The 66-year-old gentleman went down on one knee, dressed in a vest, black coat, and white shorts, to propose to the socialite. Overwhelmed with emotions, she broke down in tears before ultimately accepting his marriage proposal.

In a previous social media post, Manzi wa Kibera had revealed that they were practicing abstinence until marriage, further emphasizing the seriousness of their commitment. Just a few days ago, the socialite seemed excited about their upcoming wedding, as she shared a video of herself shopping for a wedding gown in the company of her partner.

The couple had been together since November of the previous year, making their breakup a significant event in their journey together.