Ringtone: I Used To Have Twa Twa With 30 Women Daily -

Ringtone: I Used To Have Twa Twa With 30 Women Daily

Ringtone Apoko has recently come forward to speak about his previous lifestyle before becoming a gospel artist and committing to Jesus and the word of God. The confession came after Eric Omondi accused the musician of being one of the gospel artists who engage in inappropriate behavior with young women.

Eric claimed that Ringtone was deceptive and pretending to be born again, despite sleeping with three women daily. He even claimed to have evidence to back up his accusations.

In response, Ringtone admitted that he used to be a highly promiscuous individual and that he used to glorify women and sex. He revealed that he was once highly skilled in the bedroom and slept with an estimated 30 women on a daily basis.

This is a remarkable admission, and if true, he should be considered for entry in the Guinness World Records. However, Ringtone explained that he changed his ways and gave his life to God, and has been a devout follower ever since.

The musician also announced that he has found the love of his life and will soon be introducing his new girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. He is ready to settle down and Kenyans can expect to hear about his wedding plans this year.