Krg The Don Accused Of Impregnating Kienyejiii Tiktoker Luhya Queen.

In a recent turn of events, the popular amapiano sensation, Cartoon 47, has found himself embroiled in a paternity controversy. Luhya Queen, a renowned Kienyejiii tiktoker, had publicly claimed that Cartoon 47 was responsible for her pregnancy. However, the musician vehemently denied these allegations during an interview with Trudy Kitui, accusing Luhya Queen of attempting to gain publicity at his expense.

Cartoon 47 firmly asserted that he is not the father of Luhya Queen’s unborn child, dismissing her claims as an opportunistic ploy to clout chase. He expressed concerns about the potential damage these allegations could inflict on his reputation and career.

Instead, Cartoon 47 confidently pointed the finger at Krg The Don, another well-known figure in the industry notorious for his alleged involvement in extramarital affairs resulting in children outside of wedlock. Given Krg’s history, Cartoon 47 suggested that he is more likely to be the father of Luhya Queen’s child.

Urging Luhya Queen to disassociate him from her pregnancy, Cartoon 47 advised her to focus on childbirth without seeking unnecessary attention. He encouraged her to direct her claims towards Krg The Don, assuring her that he would not shy away from his responsibilities. Considering Krg’s substantial financial resources, Cartoon 47 believed that the child would be well taken care of under his care.

Furthermore, Cartoon 47 made it clear that if Luhya Queen persisted in implicating him, he would take the matter to court. He vowed to await the birth of the child and then proceed with a DNA test, pledging to cover the expenses himself. In the event of the test confirming his non-paternity, Cartoon 47 expressed his intent to seek financial compensation from Luhya Queen for defamation.

As this sensational saga unfolds, the public eagerly awaits the truth to come to light. The looming DNA test is expected to provide clarity on the matter and potentially bring an end to the ongoing dispute between Cartoon 47 and Luhya Queen.