Used, Dumped and Friend Zoned: Nick Ndeda confirms breakup with Betty Kyallo.

Well, that was a quick one. I mean, how long has Betty Kyalo and Nick Ndeda been in their much hyped relationship and honestly, the relationship looked one sided,right?

Don’t throw stones at me yet, allow me to say my piece then feel free to throw them stones.

Betty, since they announced the relationship, has been sharing photos vacationing and having a good time with Nick but the dude on the other hand was just there to be seen.

He looks kinda boring but then even the boring type should atleast be affectionate to their partners, right?

Anyway, it is now out of the closet that Nick and Betty have called it quits.

He confirmed this on an interview with a local tabloid where he said;

We’ve enjoyed a fantastic relationship and we are figuring things out.We are still good friends