Choose your spouse – Pastor NG’ANG’A parades all the unmarried women and men in his church

Controversial city preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a, known for leading Neno Evangelism Church, recently took a bold step by bringing unmarried members of his congregation onto the pulpit and encouraging them to seek companionship.

Ng’ang’a commenced the unconventional session by calling upon male congregants who were not married to join him on the pulpit. A number of men responded to his call, after which he extended the invitation to unmarried female members.

During this unique congregation assembly, Ng’ang’a instructed the unmarried individuals to interact and consider the possibility of finding suitable partners within the church community.

In addition to this, he assured them of a forthcoming special church service dedicated to praying for those who remained single in his congregation. Ng’ang’a urged them to attend this service with a financial offering.

It is worth noting that last year, the preacher had issued a six-month ultimatum to the singles in his church, urging them to either find life partners or consider leaving the congregation.

A video capturing the preacher’s distinctive approach to addressing the issue shows him parading the singles on the pulpit, a visual representation of his commitment to the cause after providing them with a six-month deadline to find suitable partners.