“Nitakuzalia  Mtoto Ukinipea Chance” Famous Comedian Confesses Her Love For Mulamwah.

In the midst of the controversies swirling around Mulamwah and the relentless social media attacks from bullies, a surprising twist emerges as a well-known female comedian steps into the spotlight.

Doris Dove, a prominent Kalenjin comedian boasting over 50k followers on her Facebook page, has thrown caution to the wind and decided to shoot her shot with Mulamwah.

Taking to her official Facebook page, Doris publicly declared her affection for Mulamwah, expressing her willingness to bear his child if he reciprocates her love. She revealed that she has developed strong feelings for him and is eager to pursue a relationship.

However, Doris’ bold move comes at a challenging time for Mulamwah, who has recently undergone a turbulent breakup with Carol Sonnie. In the aftermath, Mulamwah has expressed a reluctance to jump into another romance, prioritizing his career and financial stability instead. Given Mulamwah’s current circumstances, it may prove challenging for him to open his heart to Doris, despite her apparent suitability and compatibility as fellow comedians.

Nevertheless, Doris is undeniably charming and talented, with a humor that could potentially complement Mulamwah’s. While the odds may be stacked against her, we can only wish Doris the best of luck in her pursuit of love.