” Kichwa Yake Inafanana Sehemu Nyeti ” 2Mbili Insults CassyPool. -

” Kichwa Yake Inafanana Sehemu Nyeti ” 2Mbili Insults CassyPool.

The well-known comedian and host of the popular celebrity ride show, 2mbili, has recently caused controversy online due to his derogatory comments directed at CassyPool, a respected entertainment and celebrity critic. During an interview, 2mbili body shamed CassyPool by using vulgar language to describe the shape of his head.

Despite the fact that the two individuals are close friends who frequently engage in playful teasing, this interview took a turn for the worse as they began to mock and insult each other. During the interview, 2mbili wanted to hear CassyPool’s response to his statement that Diamond Platnumz did not own a house and was instead renting one. This video went viral in Tanzania, providing CassyPool with the opportunity to share his thoughts on the matter.

However, the conversation quickly devolved into a game of insults and mockery, resembling a conversation between boys rather than professionals. 2mbili then took it a step further by body shaming CassyPool, suggesting that his head resembled private parts. He even went as far as to touch the wrinkles on the back of CassyPool’s head, zooming the camera in to emphasize their similarity to private parts.

Although this insult created a light-hearted moment for some viewers, CassyPool was clearly offended by the remark. However, he chose not to overreact as they were live on camera. In summary, 2mbili’s inappropriate comments demonstrate the importance of being respectful and mindful of others, especially in a professional setting.