“Kuwa malaya ,wazungu are nasty in bed” akothee advises Kenyan girls.

In a recently removed post, Akothee asserted that her ability to captivate affluent Wazungu men stems from her assertiveness in the bedroom.

According to her revelations, many Wazungu men exhibit a penchant for exploring various aspects of intimacy, often being intrigued by unconventional behavior and fetishes.

She contends that a significant number of Wazungu males are drawn to women who embody a combination of audacity and intelligence, describing them as unconventional, smart individuals with a certain allure.

Akothee, who has been romantically involved with more than five wealthy Wazungu men, two of whom are the fathers of her children, humorously claims, “They want someone who has a business concept after leaving the bed.” She jests about Kenyan women being overly religious and suggests that this might hinder them from connecting with Wazungu men who share their beliefs.

With her track record of dating successful Wazungu men, Akothee positions herself as an authority on attracting such partners. Whether Kenyan women will heed her advice to allure older Wazungu individuals remains uncertain, and only time will reveal the impact of her perspective on this matter.