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“Naumwa sana”- Kihenjo reacts after Muthoni Wa Kirumba Quit Kameme FM.

Celebrated comedian and Kameme FM Presenter, Kihenjo Original has expressed his feelings after his co-host, Muthoni Wa Kirumba announced that she has quit the Mediamax owned station.

Wakirumba who hails from Nyandarua County announced that she has quit Kameme Yesterday, Friday 3, June 2022 after a 12 year stint.

Taking to her Facebook account, Muthoni said that it’s finally time to move on and venture into other businesses.

It’s been good working with Kameme FM for 12 good years of laughter and love… Thanks to my listeners ❤️.. It’s been 🔥…

Asante Kameme. it’s time to say Good Bye

She said.

Well, Kihenjo was among those who could not handle the saddening news.

The comedian on the Chanjamuka show could be heard talking moody as he was co-hosting with Wakasungura who was trying as hard as he could to make Kihenjo cheerful and lively.

At one moment, Kihenjo was heard saying that he felt sick and it hurt, a clear indication that he missed Wakirumba whom they had a tight bond both on radio and off radio with.

Kihenjo was not the only one affected by the news as Kenyans from all over the country as well as those in Diaspora expressed their disappointment with some saying that Kameme should temporarily hault the show.

Well, whether kihenjo will continue hosting the show or whether Wakirumba will make a comeback, only time will tell.