King Kaka and wife, Nana Owiti allegedly breakup for good after 10 years of marriage

Reports are circulating suggesting that King Kaka and his wife, Nana Owiti, may have decided to end their marriage due to personal issues that have made it untenable for them to continue as a couple.

A reliable source close to the couple confirmed these breakup rumors to SPM Buzz, shedding some light on the reasons behind the failed relationship.

Online sources suggest that Nana Owiti’s relocation to Europe, specifically Madrid, indicates a significant shift in her life following the alleged breakup. She has been updating her followers from there, hinting at a new chapter in her life.

However, the exact reasons for the breakup remain unconfirmed, as neither King Kaka nor Nana Owiti has addressed the matter publicly.

This isn’t the first time Nana Owiti has left King Kaka. Approximately a decade ago, she reportedly left him after he had an affair with singer Sage Chemutai, resulting in the birth of a child. In a candid interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Nana Owiti revealed how the betrayal had shattered her, leading to a seven-month separation. Despite the turmoil, they eventually reconciled, with King Kaka apologizing for his actions.

The recent breakup rumors coincide with King Kaka’s ongoing projects, including his upcoming movie “Monkey Business,” set to premiere on May 17th. It remains to be seen whether the rumored breakup is genuine or merely a publicity stunt to maintain public interest in the couple.