Diana Marua: From an Mpesa Lady to a youtube multimillionaire. -

Diana Marua: From an Mpesa Lady to a youtube multimillionaire.

The story of Diana Marua is not only inspiring but also fascinating as she transitioned from being an Mpesa Lady to becoming one of Kenya’s most successful YouTube millionaires.

Hailing from the Nyanza region, specifically Migori, Diana Marua embarked on a journey of hustle and determination after completing her education, much like many individuals from humble backgrounds in Kenya. As the eldest sibling, she took it upon herself to be a role model for her brothers and sisters, setting out on her path to success as an Mpesa Lady.

For a period, Diana worked diligently in that role, demonstrating her work ethic and determination. However, her life began to change when she seized an opportunity as a receptionist at another company. Although she wasn’t a superstar at the time, her journey towards prominence had just begun.

Diana’s entry into the world of YouTube started when she began dating Kevin Bahati, a prominent figure in Kenya’s entertainment scene. As she introduced Bahati to the public, Diana’s own popularity skyrocketed. Through Instagram and Facebook, she amassed a substantial following, which presented her with an opportunity to capitalize on her newfound fame.

Despite being jobless and reliant on Bahati, Diana chose to tap into her creativity and explore ways to transform her popularity into financial independence. In 2019, she took a leap of faith and launched her own YouTube channel, where she began sharing captivating lifestyle vlogs.

This venture was relatively new in Kenya, but Diana quickly gained popularity as people were captivated by the lives of the Bahati family and wanted to learn more about them. Diana Marua’s YouTube channel currently boasts over 700,000 subscribers, and her monthly earnings range between Ksh. 500k and Ksh. 1 million, solely from her YouTube endeavors.

The key to Diana’s success on YouTube lies in her consistency and commitment to delivering high-quality content. She dedicates herself to posting videos every day, and as a result, the majority of her vlogs receive over 100,000 views per day.

Furthermore, Diana’s rising celebrity status has opened doors for brand endorsements. She proudly serves as a brand ambassador for 12 multimillion-dollar companies, a testament to her modest nature, cheerful attitude, and the value she brings to the brands she represents.

Diana Marua’s journey from an Mpesa Lady to a YouTube millionaire is a testament to her resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her story serves as an inspiration to individuals from all walks of life, demonstrating that with hard work, creativity, and a positive mindset, anyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve their dreams.