I’m homeless ,don’t want to go back to drugs – Ex-Citizen TV Kimani Mbugua Asks for help

On September 24, a social media video featuring Kimani Mbugua garnered widespread attention as it shed light on his ongoing struggles with mental health, the loss of his once-thriving career, and his current dire circumstances.

Mbugua’s harrowing odyssey into the realm of mental illness commenced in 2020 when he was diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder, a condition that had profound ramifications for both his personal life and career.

In the emotionally charged video, Mbugua eloquently conveyed his profound desire to forge ahead, determined never to return to the depths from which he had emerged. He laid bare the heavy emotional toll that the past few years had exacted upon him, recounting the painful loss of friendships and the gradual erosion of support from those who were once his pillars of strength.

“I find it deeply disheartening to refer to myself as a former TV journalist. I find myself in a precarious situation, but I am determined not to appear as if I am seeking charity,” he lamented.

Furthermore, Mbugua disclosed the stark reality of his current predicament – he is homeless, as the individuals who had previously extended their shelter decided to discontinue their assistance. However, in the face of such adversity, Mbugua’s indomitable spirit shines brightly.

“I fell ill in 2020 after being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, and since then, my life has unraveled. I have lost so much, including friends along the way. People grew weary of my struggles, and they reached a point where they were no longer willing to lend a helping hand,” he revealed.

Remarkably, within just one week of his discharge from the hospital, Mbugua displayed an extraordinary level of resilience. He not only formulated a comprehensive business plan but also prepared a proposal for a potential client, complete with a well-structured company framework.

In a heartfelt plea, Mbugua articulated his need for a business partner who could offer financial support and collaborate in bringing his entrepreneurial aspirations to fruition.

“I came to the realization that I could either silently endure my suffering, slipping back into the abyss of depression and addiction, or I could speak out,” he stated with unwavering resolve.

Mbugua’s commitment to maintaining his sobriety was also a focal point of his narrative. He shared that he had abstained from drug use for the past two months, underscoring his determination to stay on a healthier and more promising trajectory. Candidly, he acknowledged his past struggles with substance abuse, specifically citing marijuana and cigarettes.

In closing, Kimani Mbugua extended a heartfelt appeal to anyone willing to offer support, providing an email address for direct contact.

“I am healing, and I am taking each day as it comes, striving to establish my company amidst the weight of numerous debts. Your generosity in providing shelter or any form of assistance would be immensely appreciated,” he concluded, encapsulating his unwavering determination to overcome the hurdles before him.