Samuel Mbuthia: Kenya University IT Graduate Turns to Selling Biscuits and Maji Baridi for a Living, Earning Up to KES 300 Daily

Amidst the festive season when Kenyans globally celebrate Christmas and eagerly anticipate the New Year, families typically gather together in joyous unity. However, for Samuel Mbuthia, a 35-year-old resident of Bahati in Nakuru County, this traditional festivity holds a different meaning. Instead of rushing home to join his family, Samuel’s priorities lie elsewhere, primarily in providing for his loved ones and ensuring their welfare.

Despite possessing multiple academic degrees from esteemed universities and institutions, Samuel finds himself selling goods on the streets of Nakuru town due to unforeseen circumstances. Financial constraints became a stark reality, particularly during his venture into selling biscuits.

Samuel’s educational journey has been commendable; graduating with a degree in Information Technology from Dedan Kimathi University after scoring a respectable grade in the National Form Four Examination. However, despite his qualifications, the doors to conventional employment remained firmly closed.

Undeterred by these setbacks, Samuel embarked on further educational pursuits, enrolling in institutions like the Sensei Institute to learn road construction machinery operation. Yet, the search for employment in this sector continues, requiring immense patience.

As a father of two, Samuel’s current occupation of vending biscuits and water in Nakuru City provides a modest income, averaging around Ksh 300 per day. While it helps sustain his family’s basic needs, uncertainty looms over their future.

In Samuel’s eyes, this work is a temporary means to an end, as he remains hopeful that his academic achievements will one day yield stable employment opportunities. Despite the challenges and fears he faces, Samuel’s determination to provide for his family remains unwavering.