Wanja Kihii Tattoo’s Samidoh’s name on her hand.

Diana Wairimu, widely recognized as Wanja Kihii, is rapidly ascending to stardom in our country. The emerging talent, a blend of rapper and comedian, has chosen to open up about her admiration for Mugithi superstar Samidoh.

Wanja Kihii initially made a splash on TikTok when she released a playful diss track that poked fun at various Kenyan musicians. Her diss track was more humorous than spiteful, playfully asserting herself as the finest rapper in the nation, even claiming to surpass Khaligraph Jones.

During an interview with Mungai Eve Media, Wanja Kihii openly revealed that her celebrity crush is none other than Samidoh. She confessed that Samidoh often occupies her thoughts, causing her sleepless nights, and she’s even willing to become his third wife.

She explained that Samidoh embodies the kind of man she envisions in her life, someone whose vibes resonate with her own. Thus, if he were to accept her as his third wife, it would be a dream come true for her. In her view, this would be a privilege rather than a concern.

Wanja confidently asserted that she harbors no fear of competition from Karen Nyamu or Edday Nderitu. For her, dating Samidoh and potentially becoming his third wife is not an issue; it represents a unique opportunity to be in a loving relationship with the man of her dreams.