”Huyu Msee Ako Na Tarimbo Legit”Nicholas Kioko’s Suit Unites Kenyans

Digital media blogger and brand influencer Nicholas Kioko has recently captured the attention of Kenyan ladies, leaving many envious of his wife, Ashley Wambo. The couple’s latest Instagram post showcased them looking elegant and stylish.

However, observant fans couldn’t help but notice a noticeable bulge around Kioko’s fly due to his body-hugging royal blue designer suit. This led to some humorous comments from internet users, playfully praising Kioko’s “endowment.”

“Haha, this guy is truly well-endowed! 🤭😂” “Nicholas Kioko, you’re blessed, man! VAR-approved! 😂🔥” “Seems like men aren’t supposed to comment, but can’t ignore this! 😂😂😂”

Some of his followers also jokingly questioned his tailor for not considering a fitting allowance on the suit, suggesting they overlooked some vital aspects.

“The suit looks great, but the tailor forgot to leave some extra room there! 🤣 Still, you guys look fantastic! 👏💯” “Why did the suit tailor decide to air out the ‘downtown’ area like that? 😎 But you guys rock it! 😂”

Others teased Kioko in a light-hearted manner:

“Don’t pretend you didn’t see that ‘stick’ 😂” “Kioko, why did you decide to carry rocks in your pocket? 😂”

Interestingly, the discussion about Kioko’s well-endowed appearance even brought his ex into the conversation, with some humorously attributing this trait as one of the reasons she might not want to let him go.

“Haha, the ex is typing and deleting comments! 😂 You guys look great! 🔥💔”

Amid the playful banter, the fans also admired the couple’s overall appearance and complimented them.

“Ladies, did you spot ‘Moses’ staff’ somewhere? If you did, hit that button 👉” “Wow, you guys look amazing! Wambo, you look fantastic. Looking amazing, my people! 😍❤️”