“Kuja Na Inches”: Kelvin Kinuthia’s Cryptic Post Attracts More Men In ‘His’ Inbox

Kelvin Kinuthia’s enigmatic Instagram post has ignited a flurry of debates regarding their perceived gender identity.

In the mysterious post shared online, the individual, known for their cross-dressing, accompanied a video clip of themselves counting money with a caption hinting at their preferences for certain physical attributes.

“Come with inches, I’ll spend my money,” the cross-dresser informed their followers on Instagram.

Adorned in feminine attire, their aesthetic garnered attention, particularly from men eager to pursue a romantic relationship.

In another post, Kinuthia disclosed that numerous men approached them through private messages, expressing interest in a relationship. However, some of these suitors fell short of their expectations in terms of physical appearance.

Kinuthia admitted to rejecting advances, especially from those who sent unsolicited nude photos and did not meet their standards of attractiveness.

“Even though I said come with inches, some faces are just not it,” the cross-dresser remarked.

While some individuals possessed attributes that piqued their interest, Kinuthia found themselves disinterested due to various factors such as demeanor, skin tone, or overall appearance.

These statements emerged shortly after Kinuthia publicly expressed their preference for being addressed as “baby girl” or by their second name, Kinuthia.

However, the individual has neither confirmed their gender nor addressed allegations regarding their affiliation with the LGBTQ community.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Kinuthia’s gender identity, speculation persists regarding whether they identify as gay or as a member of the LGBTQ community.