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KRG The Don Blasts Octopizzo On Buying Views For His New Hit Song

Octopizzo, a renowned hip-hop artist hailing from Kibra, Nairobi, Kenya, has been an influential figure in the music industry for over a decade, consistently delivering captivating music to his fans in East Africa.

In a remarkable feat, Octopizzo shattered records with his latest music video release in May 2023, following his temporary confinement. Within a mere 24 hours, the music video for his song titled ‘Sijawai’ amassed nearly a million views, firmly establishing Octopizzo as the first musician in the country to achieve such a milestone.

Premiering on May 24, the song has already garnered an impressive count of 913,780 views and received 39,000 likes. Admirers flooded the singer’s YouTube page, expressing their admiration and adoration for his exceptional talent.

Octopizzo’s music resonates with audiences by addressing subjects that reflect their daily lives, encompassing urban hardships, poverty, and tribal conflicts.

However, amidst the overwhelming success, Octopizzo faced accusations from KRG, who alleged that the artist had resorted to purchasing views for his music video. KRG, also known as the self-proclaimed Don, seemed skeptical of Octopizzo’s ability to attain such a substantial view count.

KRG The Don, with his confident demeanor, dismissed the achievement, citing Octopizzo as an outdated musician who could not easily reach such impressive numbers. Moreover, KRG The Don insinuated that Octopizzo’s music lacked the appeal of the current wave in the country, positioning himself as a more captivating artist in comparison.

Nonetheless, Octopizzo remains a remarkable African artist, widely recognized as one of the top rappers on the continent, serving as an inspiration to many. His consistent contributions to the music industry suggest that he will continue to set new records and achieve even greater milestones in the future.