Kenya's most handsome Makanga? You decide(video) -

Kenya’s most handsome Makanga? You decide(video)

A video shared by a woman from Nairobi has caused a stir on social media, featuring a charming bus conductor who captured her attention.

The woman, known by her TikTok handle Wawera 254, discreetly recorded the video showcasing a handsome, bearded, tall, and physically well-built conductor collecting fares. Oblivious to the impact he had on Wawera, the conductor can be seen diligently going about his duties.

Throughout the video, the lady couldn’t contain her admiration for the conductor’s striking appearance and charismatic presence as he interacted with other passengers while collecting bus fares.

In the initial segment of the clip, Wawera expressed her amazement, exclaiming, “Huyu ni konda kweli? Wueh, where does Super Metro find such attractive individuals?”

She further hinted that her newfound understanding of why many women favor the Super Metro Sacco might be linked to the captivating conductor. Wawera wrote, “Now I understand why beautiful ladies love Super Metro.”

At one point, the conductor glanced at the lady, causing her to nearly lose her composure. She captioned the video, “Baaas, those eyes… just give me the change.”

Currently, the video has amassed over 638 thousand views, with 46.9 thousand likes and 3.6 thousand comments. Additionally, it has been shared more than 2 thousand times and saved by over 1.1 thousand TikTok users.

In her final post, Wawera exclaimed, “Wueh! Super Metro, you’ve won me over today.” Accompanying the video was the popular song “African King” by Jamaican artist Cecile.

The comments section flooded with netizens joining in on the excitement, echoing Wawera’s sentiments as they swooned over the dashing young man.

Here are a few examples of the comments:

Naomi Thuo: Now we know why Super Metro has such long queues. He’s the reason I keep postponing buying my own car, seriously.

User2098: I barely speak so he leans over and gets closer… that’s as close as I can get to him.

Virginia Mahihu: Please tell us, did you pay using M-Pesa? If not, you missed an opportunity.

Kate Kamau: I once rode his bus, and oh my, he was impeccably clean! Especially that vest.

Miss Whitee: Super Metro should start traveling to the countryside so we can get a better look at this guy.