Stevo Simple boy gifts young fan Sh.100 in TikTok video -

Stevo Simple boy gifts young fan Sh.100 in TikTok video

The artist, Stevo Simple, stirred up a range of reactions among internet users with a TikTok video he shared, seemingly attempting to display his celebrity status.

In the video posted on his official TikTok page, Stevo Simple generously gifted a young fan 100 shillings as a token of appreciation for recognizing one of his songs. The heartwarming interaction unfolded as Stevo disembarked from a crowded vehicle, where the eager young boy awaited him. After exchanging greetings, Stevo engaged the child by asking, “Unapenda ngoma yangu gani?” (Which one of my songs do you like?) To Stevo’s delight, the young lad promptly responded with “Freshi Barida.”

Impressed by the child’s recognition, Stevo praised him, and they engaged in an inaudible conversation for a while. Eventually, Stevo, holding his phone in one hand, retrieved a 100 shilling note from his pocket and handed it to the young boy, saying, “Kula hiyo ya leo” (Enjoy this today).

He then inquired if the boy would be around later, suggesting they meet again to buy him lunch. The child eagerly agreed to wait for their return.

Captioning the video, Simple Boy humorously wrote, “mimi na Khaligraph Jones ndio marapa wakubwa hii Kenya” (Khaligraph Jones and I are the big rappers in Kenya).

The video sparked a mixed response from netizens. Some criticized the small amount of money given, deeming it disrespectful, while others appreciated Stevo’s gesture as an act of kindness. Here are a few selected comments from the post:

  • Erick Morgan: Stevo, are you serious? Giving out only a hundred shillings? 😄
  • Tamaji: At least he tried to help the kid. 😅😅
  • Jolly 254: What can you buy with a hundred shillings in this economy, Stevo?
  • yg: Relax, bro, you’re hilarious 😂😂😂
  • Olechoge: Simple Boy is helping people on the ground. 👏