Pastor pius Muiru Asks For KSh 10K In Exchange For Miracle Cars

Pastor Pius Muiru asks church members to sow seeds worth KSh 10k to own cars

City evangelist and lead preacher at Maximum Miracle Center Pius Muiru has requested that his worshipers pay Ksh10,000 for a miracle car in one year.

Muiru, requested that his congregation sow a ‘seed’ for vehicles, a solicitation that has left netizens both shocked and suspicious of his motives.

As indicated by publications, Pastor Muiru parked a new vehicle donned in wedding-like decorations at the altar during a prayer day with a statement that read:

“We are going to believe God with a car on the altar, something never seen before. Double grace is yours in Jesus name.”

As the sermon continued, a screen in the congregation projected that one can leave behind Ksh1,000, Ksh3,000, Ksh5,000, Ksh7,000 or Ksh10,000 for blessings related to vehicles.

“This is an unusual day, vehicles are about to come your way… The seed you are giving will help you overtake your enemies. Those at home, get to your phone and trust God with the seed,” he said.

The cleric added that the seed would also assist with curbing road accidents saying;

“As you drop your sacrifice here, let there be no day you will require an ambulance to take you to hospital and even open petrol stations, among other things.”

pastor pius Muiru is well known for his service at local TV and radio stations and the famous ‘Kuna nuru gizani’