There is no Satan or God – Kioi Junior

I don’t believe in God and will never allow my wife and kids to go to church; Mugithi Star Kioi Junior says.

Kioi is a young Mugithi musician and a member of Global Atheist Republic, whose headquarters are in the USA.

He is a father of one and is also a nephew to popular singer Kamande wa Kioi.

During an interview with a local daily, Kioi confirmed that he is an atheist and is comfortable with his life.

“I will never allow my wife and children to go to the church. They can pray if the want to but they won’t follow the church teaching in my house,” he said.

The Mugithi star quoted several Bible verses and claimed that Christians don’t even follow what’s in it.

He further said that he does not pray for good health whenever he gets sick, but rather walks to a hospital and calls on to a suprime being.

“If God really exists and deliver, then somebody should pray for Corona Virus to end today,” he added.

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