” Shakib ni Fala”, Zari Hassan Blasts Her Husband

Zari, a renowned socialite, is currently facing severe backlash from social media users due to the circulation of an audio file where she derogatorily refers to her husband, Shakib, as ‘Fala’.

In the leaked audio, Zari exposes Shakib as a timid individual who lacks confidence, particularly when they are traveling together. Zari herself confirmed that she recorded the audio and sent it to Lady Naa, a promoter based in the UK.

Zari’s intention behind sharing the audio was to inform Lady Naa about Shakib’s nervous behavior during international trips, urging her to brief him accordingly. However, she went a step further and used the term ‘fala’, which denotes a person lacking intelligence or common sense.

Zari recently disclosed that the audio file was leaked by Lady Naa, who had turned from a friend to a foe after Zari declined to attend her event in the UK. Despite receiving a partial payment, Zari chose not to appear at the show, which greatly upset Lady Naa. Consequently, Lady Naa leaked the audio, tarnishing Zari’s reputation.

Expressing her frustration, Zari voiced her displeasure with women who resort to leaking personal conversations whenever disputes arise. She believes that private matters should be kept confidential and not shared with the public.

Earlier this month, Zari Hassan addressed critics who claimed that her husband, Shakib Lutaaya, appeared sad in public. Some fans noticed a perceived sadness on Shakib’s face and speculated that he was dissatisfied and unhappy in his relationship with Zari.

In response, Zari clarified that her husband’s serious demeanor is due to his reserved nature. She stated that Shakib only laughs when it is genuinely warranted and explained to a fan that he is a man of few words, saying, “He does not speak excessively.”