Sad Story as University of Eldoret Graduate Who Scored B+ in KCSE Becomes a Watchman at His Former School

Ernest Maiki Abraham, a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics from the University of Eldoret, found himself in an unexpected position back at RCEA Kuinet Secondary School. This institution was the very place he had left behind in 2011, having achieved an impressive B+ in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

However, life took an unexpected turn for him, ultimately leading him to become a school guard responsible for the main entrance.

Despite relentless efforts to secure a white-collar job in his field of study, Ernest made the decision to take on the role of a school guard, a position he had never imagined himself in.

During a candid interview with KTN, he expressed his initial disbelief at the course his life had taken, saying, “Sikutarajia kama naeza kuwa hapa hata siku moja, hata vile nimejaribu nikakosa nikasema ai wacha niishie tu kwenye nitaishia kwa sababu nimejaribu nikajaribu na nguvu zote sijafaulu” (I never expected I could end up here even for a day. Even though I tried, I failed. I decided to settle for this because I gave it my all and still couldn’t make it).

Ernest’s struggle underscores the challenging reality faced by numerous young graduates in Kenya. Despite putting forth his best efforts, he found himself unable to secure employment in his chosen field.

With unwavering determination, he sent out numerous job applications to prestigious employers, ranging from technology firms to multinational corporations and supermarkets.

“Inafika mahali unakata tamaa, kwanza nikiwa University of Eldoret vitu mingi ilifika mpaka inanikazia wakati wa graduation. Inafika mpaka unakata tamaa kwa sababu maisha imekuwa ngumu” (There comes a point where you lose hope. Especially when I was at the University of Eldoret, things became so difficult to the extent that it stressed me even during graduation. Life has become extremely tough), he added, reflecting the frustration experienced by numerous graduates facing similar challenges.

As of 2020, Ernest relied on his modest guard salary not only to sustain himself but also to support his younger siblings.