I can summon the spirits of any departed person(s). -

I can summon the spirits of any departed person(s).

My name is Stella and am just as normal as anyone else BUT I usually spend my free time playing and having fun with spirits… I’m not a freak though.

There is this friend of mine who lost her boyfriend and cause she (Anna) knew of my ‘talent’, begged me to summon the spirit of her lover.

I knew she loved him so we agreed on the night. The six day of the week at the sixth hour of the night (12 midnight).

And it came to be, I geared up for action set my six candles in a perfect triangle and placed her necklace at the center.

We held our hands together in a perfect circle around the candles with our legs folded in a sort of a triangle.

I began the ritual but nothing happened for about six minutes… Then…

A cold breeze filled the room and some whistling sounds could be heard from the other side.My mistake was that Anna had not given me the actual necklace that her boyfriend had gifted her before dying.

As you can guess, we summoned the wrong spirit and opened the barriers between the living and the dead.

I saw the horror in Anna’s eyes. It happened so fast that the moment the barrier closed, Anna had been dragged to the other side still alive.

I don’t know how to tell her parents that she is still alive but on the other side, I can hear her screams, I can feel her pain as the spirits torture her.

But before I tell her parents of what happened, I must do another ritual to get me to the other side and save Anna.

If I succeed, you will be the first to know, if I don’t….

Fictional Story.