“Nataka Unionyeshe Jaluo Mmoja kenya Haina Ukimwi Niipee Milioni Moja safi” Pastor Ng’anga speaks On Immorality.

A recent video featuring Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism has ignited a wave of controversy within the Kenyan online community….CONTINUE READING

In an unspecified video that has gained widespread circulation on various online platforms, Pastor Ng’ang’a is heard making a peculiar statement. He is urging his congregation to identify any individual from the Luo community who does not have HIV/AIDS, pledging a financial reward of Ksh 1,000,000 to anyone who can successfully do so.

The televangelist articulates his concerns about what he perceives as societal immorality, singling out the Luo community as being on a perilous path.

“These individuals from Nyanza are consistently provoking God. Hellfire is expanding due to their actions. Show me a Luo without HIV, and I will give them one million…” Ng’ang’a asserted.

Numerous social media users have condemned Pastor Ng’ang’a, accusing him of fueling tribalism in the nation. They are urging relevant authorities to take decisive action against the preacher