“Mungu Alitoa Mkono Kutoka Mbinguni Akanipatia Nyanya Na Mayai ”: Yesu Wa Tongaren says God Visited Him With Eggs & Tomatoes

Since proclaiming himself as the authentic Jesus Christ, Yesu wa Tongaren has attracted significant attention both online and among the general public. He firmly believes in his identity as the revered son of God, whose legacy spans millennia.

In a recent TikTok video posted by Possibilities in God, Yesu wa Tongaren shared a revelation involving his wife, Prophetess Benjamin, who purportedly had a divine encounter with an angel. According to Yesu wa Tongaren, Angel Benjamin descended from the heavens and anointed his wife as a prophetess in an unconventional manner—by presenting her with eggs and tomatoes, symbolizing the anointing and the Holy Spirit.

Yesu wa Tongaren affirmed, “This is Prophet Benjamin, blessed by Angel Benjamin. She witnessed a divine event where a hand emerged from a descending cloud, delivering eggs and tomatoes. This hand, purportedly that of Angel Benjamin, signifies the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within her.”

In a recent statement, Yesu wa Tongaren declared his refusal to undergo crucifixion a second time for the sins of humanity. This proclamation came amidst speculation from Kenyan citizens regarding whether he would undergo crucifixion during the Easter season, akin to the biblical narrative of Jesus.

Good Friday, a solemn occasion during Holy Week, traditionally commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus at Calvary. Yesu wa Tongaren clarified, “Jesus was crucified once, and as I have returned for a second time, my mission is to save those who await me, not to endure a second crucifixion for their sins.”

Easter holds profound significance for Christians, marking a time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yesu wa Tongaren articulated his mission, stating, “I have returned to fulfill the work I initiated over 2,000 years ago when I departed from Earth.”

Alongside his spiritual message, Yesu wa Tongaren issued a warning to those harboring ill intentions against him, suggesting they would face dire consequences. He stated, “These are individuals with dark hearts from Babylon. My Father permits their unity against me, as He intends to bring about their downfall.”