“Huyo Jamaa Alikuwa Shoga, Walai Mimi Huwezi Nifanyia Hizo Vitu” King Kalala Reveals Why She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend

After many speculations from fans regarding King Kalala’s sexuality, she finally decided to clear the air during a one on one interview with her look alike and former Kiss radio host Andrew Kibe.

King Kalala, who is only 22 years old, has always been referred to as the ‘female Andrew Kibe’ because of her strong and unfiltered, opinions regarding issues on sexuality, relationships and broke men.

Not to forget her deep voice which has turned many heads ever since her popularity on social media grew.

She herself, does not mind being compared to Kibe, who she thinks makes a lot of sense in his discussions.

She once disclosed that she does not mind working with the radio presenter one day.

Kibe went straightforward and asked Kalala if she was a lesbian, to which she replied, “Me I get off, stop asking questions.”

She went on to say that she would be comfortable with anybody, despite their gender, provided that they have game.But claimed he was straight.

“Kesi baadaye, fuck the gender. Come to me, show me game. Kuja ninyake.” Said Kalala.

According to Kalala, whose real name is Prudence Chepkirui Tonui, she is down to have a fun even with girls provided that they know how to have a good time.

Boyfriend being Gay

Kalala explains how her so musculine boyfriend those who do gym daily turned out to be gay.

“I was having a drink with friends then this guy calls and says we meet at home,I stopped my shiet and headed home straight only to find him in bruises ,The first thing he told me was how he was bisexual and he was whipped in a bar trying to kiss another dude when things got bad he run home.

I could now connect the dots ,there was this day I even found a dildo in his house and I just assumed.

Nb. This guy was so musculine to even suspect anakulwa haga manze the protective type tukiwa kwa club he would fight dudes who tried to touch me.”