Arrow Bwoy: Next Time Nikipea Nadia Mukami Mimba , It Will Be Twins. -

Arrow Bwoy: Next Time Nikipea Nadia Mukami Mimba , It Will Be Twins.

Kenyan singer Arrow Bwoy has expressed his strong desire to have twins with his wife, Nadia Mukami, when she becomes pregnant again. In an interview with an online media outlet after returning from an international music tour, Arrow Bwoy clarified that he and Nadia Mukami have never actually broken up. He attributed any misunderstandings to the normal ups and downs that occur in relationships.

Arrow Bwoy emphasized that their relationship as a couple is going well, and their son Kai is growing up quickly. He mentioned that in the future, he might consider expanding their family with another child. His heartfelt wish is for Nadia to conceive twins, as he has a deep love for and a strong desire to have twins.

“By the grace of God, I pray that the next time we conceive, we are blessed with twins. I genuinely adore and would be overjoyed by twins,” Arrow Bwoy expressed.

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami have been in a relationship for approximately two years. They publicly acknowledged their relationship in 2022 when Nadia Mukami revealed her pregnancy and confirmed that Arrow Bwoy is the father.

The couple is also in the process of planning their wedding. During an interview, Nadia Mukami disclosed that she is awaiting Arrow Bwoy to fulfill the traditional dowry payment before they can officially tie the knot.