“Pesa Kama Njuguu!” Bahati Buys Diana Marua Ksh 19 Million Range Rover Sport

Has your partner ever bought you something special? Diana Marua’s extravagant gifts from Bahati have raised eyebrows among Kenyan men.

The inception of many love stories often begins with modest origins. However, when love endures trials and stands the test of time, it can metamorphose into something extraordinary. Such is the case with Bahati and Diana Marua, a formidable Kenyan couple who have traversed life’s ups and downs together.

To commemorate their seventh anniversary, Bahati presented Diana Marua with an astonishing Ksh 19 million Range Rover, a gesture that not only made headlines but also set new standards for relationship goals.

Bahati and Diana Marua have captured the adoration of their fans through their journey of love. Their narrative transcends the glitz and glamour of celebrity life; it’s a tale of tenacity, affection, and mutual support.

On the occasion of their seventh anniversary, Bahati chose to manifest his love and commitment to Diana in the most lavish manner imaginable. He gifted her a jaw-dropping Ksh 19 million Range Rover Autobiography, a vehicle renowned for its opulence, elegance, and high-performance capabilities.

The Range Rover Autobiography is an emblem of prestige and luxury, and Diana Marua’s reaction to the gift was nothing short of a fairytale. Gratefully, she expressed her love for Bahati after “seven years of love, friendship, ups and downs, happiness, and more happiness… I love you, babe. You are a blessing,” she declared.

This extravagant gesture not only touched Diana’s heart but also ignited the imagination of their devoted fans and followers, who responded swiftly.

Diana conveyed her feelings, stating, “I haven’t shed tears like this in a long while. This is not ordinary. This is divine favor. This is God’s intervention in my life, wiping away my tears and manifesting everything I prayed for. This is Him saying, ‘I told you I’d make it beautiful in my own time 😉.'”